The number of people using social media has increased to more than 3 billion in recent years. That represents nearly 40 percent of the population of the world. If you have a law firm, you can potentially reach all of these people with your posts, content, and videos. With that, you would be doing what other users of social media including individuals and businesses are already seeking to do.

In recent years, the number of law firms using social media to reach potential clients has been on the rise. This is due to a positive change in the attitudes of lawyers towards social media marketing. For far, the statistics are promising. In 2018, for instance, 74 percent of law firms in the United States had an account on one or more of the social media sites. You cannot afford to remain in the dark. In order to gain and retain clients, you need to focus more on the customer and not the product. The place to reach more potential customers is online.

The Best Social Media Platforms for Lawyers

While the need to maintain a presence on social media presence is clear, the choice of platform isn’t so obvious. As a lawyer, you should make a conscious decision when choosing a social media platform. That’s the only way you will be able to find the right audience. The following are some of the best social media sites in which a law firm can operate.

1. Facebook

Facebook is home to more than 2 billion active users. It is, therefore, one of the social media sites that a lawyer cannot afford to avoid enrolling in. with the huge number of users, there is the potential to gain larger than usual audiences on Facebook. Not only will you be able to place advertisements on this platform but you will also closely engage with potential clients. It is possible to create a wide array of relationships, which can result in gaining a large number of clients.

The greatest ways to make use of Facebook include advertising, posting videos, direct messaging, and Facebook Groups. As a lawyer, you can create focused groups to help you reach a large audience at a go. Through the groups, it will be possible for you to let people know your specialty area of practice. You may also come up with a newsletter for your law firm and make it more interactive. But that’s not all.

Facebook can act as the perfect supplement for your website. Using a simple Facebook page, you can create a link to the website you use for the law firm. The more the people liking the page, the more likely you are to reach more people. On your timeline, you can tell compelling stories about your law firm including its history or your career trajectory. You can also keep your audiences posted in emerging developments and issues in your area of practice. That way, you will remind your friends of your specialty. Who knows? You might end up getting referrals from the individuals you interact with.

Another great feature is Facebook Events. This is key when it comes to publicizing and managing presentations for your clients. Besides the groups you create, you may also join groups concerning your area of expertise to connect with like-minded lawyers. You also have the opportunity to like, share or comment on updates and links from other Facebook users. That way, you will get to engage with potential referrals and influencers. It is also easy and quick for you to monitor the happenings in your network. Importantly, Facebook makes it possible to put a human face to your practice as a lawyer. That’s very important when it comes to connecting with potential clients. Facebook is important for the following reasons:

  • Opportunity to directly engage with potential clients, which creates business opportunities.
  • It is a social environment that helps you connect with potential clients at a more personal level.
  • Easily share business information in order to create trust through photographs, reviews, and quick response time.
  • Posting videos, which have high conversion rates. People are more likely to click on videos and create new clients.

2. Twitter

Twitter is the second most important social media site on which lawyers can meet and engage with potential clients. Here, they can communicate with prospects on a level that makes it possible to connect at a personal level. For instance, you will be able to help clients to have the confidence to share with you their emotional struggles, emotions, and so on.

Over the last few years, the number of active users of Twitter has grown tremendously. That’s why some of the best lawyers in the country have made this their preferred social media platform. For the law firms who are already on Twitter, the growth potential has never been more promising. Many have reported receiving an increased number of daily inquiries leading to exponential growth in the number of customers.

You may follow influential people, add news stories from the specialty of your practice, retweet comments, and provide original content. Through the “reply” and “quote tweet” functions, you may also hold conversations with potential clients. If you are looking to stand out in terms of social media marketing, Twitter is the place to be. The following are some of the ways Twitter is going to help grow your law practice.

  • Establishing thought leadership in your area of practice.
  • Gaining clients by being engaged and approachable.
  • Reading trending news stories to remain up to date with industry trends and latest developments.
  • Networking to be more exposed and gain access to more new clients.
  • Quickly sharing information with existing customers to enable them to learn more about the services you have to offer.

3. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the perfect networking platform for lawyers, given the numerous possibilities it creates to join and participate in industry-focused groups. In fact, one of the largest groups for lawyers in LinkedIn has more than 16,000 members. If you haven’t already joined LinkedIn, time is now that you did. Here, you will have the opportunity to create informative blogs about your area of practice. Potential clients, as well as people in your networks, can read these posts and begin to view you as an industry authority.

The good thing with LinkedIn is that it is 100 percent professional. Here, you don’t have to struggle when it comes to putting out your messages. With over 450 million business cards on display, the potential of getting the right connections on LinkedIn is very high. On this social media site, you will be able to provide value. With time, your business will begin to thrive. On LinkedIn, it is also possible to build a good reputation in terms of the trust as well as professionalism.  The following are some of the ways LinkedIn will help to improve your law practice.

  • Opportunity to be advised on topics that have an impact on the success of your firm. For example, you can learn a lot about marketing.
  • Networking with other lawyers in your field of expertise so as to keep abreast of the latest industry trends.
  • Establishing yourself as an authority in your area of expertise by posting regular blogs on the social media site.

4. Instagram

The Facebook-owned site has one of the largest audiences in the world. By the end of 2017, Instagram had more than 150 million users. One thing to note about the demographics of this site is that it consists of the youngest audience. So, you can use Instagram to target audiences of young people, if that is the kind of clientele you serve. The content that goes onto Instagram includes photographs, videos, and other graphics. However, you can also post quotes, snippets of advice in your area of legal specialty. The content may also include statistics and hashtags to better target audiences. The following are the reasons you should have a presence on Instagram.

  • Ability to tell your law firm’s story through photographs and great videos. You can put out information showcasing the firm’s ethos, personality, and culture. Potential clients will be better placed to gain important knowledge about what you do and the values you represent.
  • Helping you build your brand. If you are able to post consistently on a daily basis, you will be better placed to build your firm’s brand. Once people start identifying with your brand, you will be able to increase the number of potential clients.
  • Gaining followers using hashtags. In social media, hashtags are like keywords in SEO. They have the power to attract people to flock onto your feed. The more the followers you have, the likelier you will be getting new clients.
  • Posting coupons or promo codes are a great way of attracting potential clients by reducing the price of your law services. In addition to your services, you may also promote e-books, webinars, and podcasts, which will make you look like the expert you are.
  • Informing Clients about Your Wins. Instagram if the perfect platform to inform your networks and potential clients about your wins in the industry. This is to let potential clients know that they can actually win if they work with you.

5. YouTube

The rise in the use of YouTube as a social media site can be attributed to the growing importance of video as a communication medium. Because of video, YouTube has overtaken Facebook to become the second most popular site after Google. With the help of video, it is estimated that law firms can experience as much as a 41 percent spike in the traffic to their websites.

So, what kind of videos can a lawyer create? For instance, you may come up with a simple video to introduce yourself or explain the question that clients commonly ask. That way, you will establish yourself as someone who is knowledgeable and capable of providing answers and solutions to the clients. No need for expensive equipment. As long as the room is quiet and the lighting great, all you need is a smartphone on a steady base or tripod. No one will know you took videos of yourself when they witness you sharing your testimonials. If you have former clients that are willing to share positive experiences with you, why don’t you ask to take videos of them? The following are the reason you should consider putting your law firm out there on YouTube.

  • It is one of the most popular social media sites. Here, you are likely to find lots of potential clients looking for videos to learn about different topics.
  • Enabling your law firm to be more flexible when it comes to promoting the business. Since it is a free service, it doesn’t require you to set aside a huge budget.
  • Improving your visibility when your videos get embedded on external websites. Besides, you can embed the videos on the business website as a way of improving your ranking in the search engine results page.
  • YouTube is extremely easy to use. Here, you will find it very easy to add, optimize, and embed videos. It is also easier for the viewers to immerse themselves in the content and to watch additional videos you might be having.
  • Ability to handle heavy traffic. We are talking about YouTube, a site that hardly experiences downtime. Also, you don’t have to compromise on the quality of your videos, just because the site cannot carry it. YouTube is a massive site that can handle just about anything. That’s why you must just try it.

How to Use Social Media Marketing for Lawyers

No matter the social media platform you choose for your law firm, there are several things you ought to do to have a great experience. Of course, you could say that what works for Facebook may not necessarily turn out well for Twitter. Generally, these platforms have a lot of things that make them similar. Here is how to take advantage of social media as a way of promoting your law firm.

1. Create a Great Profile

What are some of the things that make you follow certain websites on social media? Why don’t you create one like that? After all, having a page on a social media platform doesn’t guarantee that you will have followers. As part of building your profile, create and share posts on a regular basis. This could be blog posts, news articles, as well as links you consider relevant to your area of practice or anything that looks interesting.

Part of building your profile may also involve posting updates about the firm including special events as well as key milestones. But that doesn’t mean you should make all your posts about the law firm. Since you are on social media sites, you ought to hold conversations with other people by commenting on tweets, status updates, links, and posts.

2. Maintain Professionality Even As You Remain Human

Whichever platform you patronize, use your company’s brand when creating an account. A good example is a Facebook page where the brand of the law firm needs to be used. When writing the “About” section, use the same information like that on your website. But don’t forget to show your audience that you are still human. For example, Facebook tends to be somewhat informal and allows you to loosen up rather than sticking to portraying your professional side. That way, you will be able to closely connect with your audience.

3. Keep Networking

The reason you are on social media is to “network”. It is about always availing yourself to your connections through messages and invitations. Make sure that the messages are personalized and not those which are generated automatically. That too goes for any invitations you send out. Of all the social media sites, LinkedIn is the best. You can use it to gain more clients, connect with prospective customers, gain insights on clients, and build relationships with others in the same area of practice. Through these networks, it will be very easy to grow your business to what you hope it to be in the future.

While at it, realize that networking is perhaps the most important undertaking you will do as a business. Through social media, you can connect with others while sitting behind a computer or mobile phone. No need to travel to meet prospective customers.

4. Post and Also Engage in Meaningful Discussions

One of the biggest mistakes you can do on social media is to just follow other people on social media. You need to post your own content. But you shouldn’t stop there. Make a point of engaging in any discussions that might be going on. The best platform for that is on Twitter. Look for conversations about your area of specializations and participate in them. If you find informative or interesting posts, retweet them. Follow political figures, industry leaders, prominent lawyers, and other important people in society. If people reach out to you, reach out to them. Retweet, answer questions, reply to tweets, and you will be able to attract more traffic to your account and website.

Benefits of Social Media Marketing For Lawyers

  • Social media helps you to establish thought leadership in your area of practice. This can establish your law firm as the very best in that particular industry. You may submit articles to other websites, publications, and journals. Also, you may try e-books, video marketing, and blogging.

  • Greater exposure and reaching out to new clients. By going out there on social media, law firms are better placed to attract more clients, business value as well as return on investment. All it takes it to come up with compelling social media profiles, sharing content, and inviting people to interact with you.

  • Sharing information about services by the firm. The legal sector is so competitive that firms want to be the first to bet noticed by potential clients. That’s why a law firm should put out information through social media. The best way to use social media is to create links to your website, where you have most of your content.

  • Networking with other lawyers. Lawyers are able to build communities with colleagues in the same field. This is made possible through the sharing of content and attracting followers by engaging directly with potential clients.

  • Attracting more traffic to the website. It is a proven fact that social media has the power to increase the traffic to your website. Thus, having a presence on social media can increase your online visibility and increase the number of visitors to your website.

  • Creating brand awareness. It is becoming increasingly common for clients to look up to social media for recommendations about products and services. Thus, it can help a lawyer to create greater brand awareness for his or her law firm. You can inform potential clients about what you offer through advertisements, and so on.

As you can see, there is a lot that social media can and will do for your business. The key lies in opening an account, building a great profile, and being consistent with your posts, comments, and engagements. With social media, you can never go wrong. We at Weco will ensure that your law firm social media handles are well managed for better brand positioning and visibility. We offer the best.

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