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In the past and today, there are lawyers that don’t feel a need to brand their firms. But if you think about it, having a brand that people can resonate with gives you priority over other law firms, making you stand out from your competitors. However, you don’t reach that point without having tried multiple strategies to gauge what your audience needs. It’s not just about selling your services. It’s about adding a personal touch and creating a more human experience. You need to be able to make potential clients feel that their business is valued and the relationship matters, rather than a necessity to keep the lights on in your offices or that they are just another transaction. It’s not just about getting new clients to walk through the door. Those you have already worked with, or are still working with, should also get the same feeling when they need you. The ability to acquire and also retain business can all be done flawlessly with the right law firm branding strategy in place.

Is Branding Necessary for Law Firms?

Absolutely! There are several law firms out there, all doing what you’re doing. Sometimes, there are even those offering to do more than what you do. So, what will stop a potential client from going to a competitor rather than coming to you? Part of it will be your firm’s brand. Does it stand out, or is it the same as the other options available? People look for brands they can relate to. It’s why you’ll find yourself opting for one product or service over another, even when they share the same qualities as the one you don’t choose. That’s why branding is essential, especially if you’d like to get more clients streaming into your firm.

In the past, those involved in professional services didn’t need to put too much effort into branding and relied on the necessity of their service. Those who needed their services would know how to find them. New clients would also come through referrals. That could be from those who had already used the services you’re offering. Referrals could also come from those who you’re well-acquainted with, such as family and friends who happen to hear of someone who needs your services.

However, with the digital age continually growing, a little more than word of mouth advertising is essential to help your law firm grow. That’s because there are plenty of firms advertising their services online. A simple search will yield more than enough results to help them get started with their search. Therefore, you need to ensure that your services feature among the top suggestions. You could benefit from social media management, where an agency can help grow your online presence and customer outreach through popular social media platforms like Google, Yelp, LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram.

What Is A Brand?

Branding is a lot more involved than most think. It’s a purposeful and intentional process that involves research to create a unique identity system. This usually begins with a logo that can communicate and encompass who and what the company is and does, all while trying to be iconic and timeless. The research involved is to develop your brand identity. For example, a unique and custom color pallet, a typographic-system, business cards, postcards, flyers, a website with and social media presence. All of these efforts create brand awareness.

Whatever the case, you need to have something that immediately gets people thinking about you whenever they come across an ad or anything that is associated with you. So, does your company/firm have an intentional branding campaign in place? If the answer is no, then keep reading to find out what you can do. And if the answer is yes, we’ve got a few tips within to help make sure you maintain that brand and make some potential improvements.

Steps To Start Your Law Firm Branding Journey

1. Have an Online Presence

As mentioned, most communications happen online. If someone needs a lawyer, they won’t start flipping through a vast directory looking for numbers and addresses. They’ll go online. How easily can clients find you? Do you have a website, social media channels, a blog? Your presence needs to be available whenever someone chooses to seek you out. The best way to get started is by having a website. A website has the room to convey all your firm’s information in one place. Whether it’s your portfolio, contacts, location, services, or social media handles, prospecting clients will view it all there.

In addition to having a website, you could also get into social media. Most people prefer to have their queries issued through social media channels. It leaves them feeling like valued individuals based on the personalized treatment they’re receiving through such interactions. Such feelings are what you should aim for when dealing with your clientele since they’re likely to keep coming back as a result.

2. Start branding from within

Whatever changes you would like to implement start with knowing what the issues are. Talk to your staff as well as other lawyers within your firm to establish a baseline. Which services does the firm offer? Are there certain legal areas that the firm specializes in? Are there areas where the firm falls short when delivering results to clients? What do they believe the firm aims to achieve? The points they give to such questions could prove to be very valuable in helping to create your firm’s brand. That’s why it’s necessary to have a heart to heart with everyone involved. These are the very same people who will help spread your brand to the masses outside your offices. As such, you need to have them operating on the same wavelength as you.

3. Create content

You have a website, but does it have content? Can your client get a glimpse of what you can deliver before they procure your services? Everyone likes knowing what they’re getting into before they commit. Having information available on your site, such as whitepapers, could prove useful. Anyone browsing through the would see what you’re capable of. It’s an excellent way to show that you can solve problems, which is why people come to your firm in the first place.

Creating content is also a rewarding way of making your services known to the masses. That’s mainly in the case where you’re increasing the number of services you render or improving on what’s already available.

4. Develop standardized communication

The way you communicate with your clients says a lot about your firm. To help with this area, you must develop standardized communication. That means the information provided remains the same, regardless of who within the company communicates it. So, if someone is looking to hire a lawyer, everyone will offer the same information to that person. Having a standard message from your firm ensures that you never have any miscommunication whenever clients come for assistance.

But first, you need to know what that message should be. For this, you’ll need to involve all the relevant stakeholders to create something that they all approve of. Once you’ve got your message down, you need to inform everyone in the company about it. Remember, law firm branding starts within. Therefore, you need to tell them what you’ve come up with. The message should be distributed to all levels as you never know where a new client lead could come from.

Following these steps will get you on the right track towards successfully branding your firm.

How To Maintain Your Law Firm Branding

1. Make Your Website Appealing

Having a website isn’t enough. How does it look? Humans are visual beings. As such, they require things that are visually pleasing to capture their attention. Ensure you have a website worth looking at. If you’ve got that handled, check the user-friendliness. Can clients navigate to various sections with ease, or would they take one look at the homepage and switch to another firm’s site? Avoid having a cluttered layout. The colors should also be minimal to avoid distracting the person viewing it. Above all else, maintain a professional look that matches the brand you’ve created.

2. Frequently gather information

You’ve established your brand. So, what next? Have channels in place to collect feedback about your firm. These could come from within your firm as well as outside. When we talk about feedback from within, it’s all about the people working in your firm. You could hold meetings for people to open up about different matters. These will include information on how the branding strategy has improved things. If that’s not the case, you’ll also get to find out what downsides your plan has brought on. These meetings need to have tracked frequency so that nothing goes unnoticed. Keeping tabs will also enable you to quickly make changes that boost the notable changes and cut out the bad ones.

When referring to feedback from those outside your office, this takes into account previous and prospective clients. But how do you get them to communicate? For those you have already worked with, it’s simple. Have their contacts available on a secure database. After a while, you can make calls to find out what they thought of the services they received. Were they satisfactory? Could they be improved? What didn’t they like? These answers are crucial in creating a brand that keeps clients happy and willing to come back whenever necessary.

Other than the calls, you could have surveys posted online now and then. You could have them on your website or social media pages. A good thing about having reviews is they will reach your staff, former clients, current clients, as well as prospective clients. However, be sure to keep them anonymous to help you get honest answers to your questions. From that point, you get the feedback you need, and those with any queries have your details to get in touch with you.

3. Refresh your content

Law is one of the many fields that continually changes. As such, the information you give your clients always needs to have the latest information. Having outdated content on your online platforms will push your clients away, especially the new ones. It will give the impression that you cannot keep up with the latest advancements in your field. To keep that from happening, you could have a content team within your firm to manage your content streams. That way, you’ll never miss a beat. However, make a point of also checking on the information they create. That, as well as the frequency with which they update all online platforms. Good content uploaded a month after it was needed, serves as the equivalent of having no content out there.

4. Client retention

People who’ve already used your services are the best way to get news about your firm circulating. They are examples of what you can do. Keep them close by as most of your newer business will come from what they say. You could call to check in on them, especially if you helped them sort issues that you can inquire about. It’s essential to have them know that it wasn’t just business to you. However, don’t bombard them with followups too frequently as it could also be taken badly.

Improving Your Online Presence

There are plenty of firms online, the same as you. Knowing how to reach your audience faster will get you the amount of traffic every law firm desires.

1. Digital Marketing for Lawyers

Social media can be used to market anything. One person could use it to make themselves famous, while another could use it to promote their small business. It’s suitable for anyone because it reaches everyone. Through digital marketing, you could have your brand spread out to those who seek something related to the field of law. That can be done through targeted advertisements.

For people who’ve previously interacted with lawyers at your firm, you have their details. They would, therefore, be the first to get information on any new strides your firm has made towards improving on your services. That could be, for instance, through lawyer branding. When a lawyer joins a firm, they’d like to hit the ground running. You could create campaigns that show the areas these lawyers are good at to help generate business leads for them. You would not only be advertising your services, but your team would also value the brand more as it considers everyone’s needs.

2. Creating SEO content

The only way to get people to your site would be by having optimized content for lawyers. That means that whenever people search for terms relating to your platform, they’ll get sent to yours as one of the first options. That’s a great way to ensure you get organic, rather than paid traffic to your website. Organic traffic refers to people visiting your site from a listing on the search results page, rather than a paid website. Such a move saves you money on marketing and also helps you build a reputation as an informative site on law-based solutions. Thus, creating a potentially profitable client lead for your firm.

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