The Standard

Geared towards small businesses or individual professionals who are just getting started. We focus on funneling new business to you so you can get your business off the ground!

Search Engine Optimization – Helps get your business ranked higher on all top search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing, to drive traffic to your company website 

Call tracking – To follow up on leads and track marketing-campaigns

Light Social Media Management – We’ll throw in some light-online customer interaction to maintain your current online presence. If you want to increase your online activity, let’s talk about solutions together!

The works

Geared towards small businesses or individual professionals looking for a boost. You get what is offered in The Standard plan, plus you’ll also enjoy the benefits of, Email & Newsletter Marketing – This is an absolute must for customer engagement and loyalty. Also keeps your customer base informed on new information about you and what you offer! 

The works+

Everything above + more.

Enjoy the benefit of Professional Photography for you products , executive headshots and all other photo- graphic needs. Additionally, you get the benefits of PPC (Pay Per Click) advertising, giving you priority over your competitors when people search online. This package also provides a social media management upgrade for an experience that delivers more online interaction. Lastly, if you have a website, we will be there to help with changes and enhancements to improve the online experience.


This plan covers all of our plan services but with twice as much support from our team each month towards achieving your business goals. (Web design excluded.)


The deal just got sweeter. This plan covers all of our plan services but with 24/7 coverage. This is ideal for business owners that need immediate attention or need tasks completed with aggressive timelines. We are here for you, at anytime. This is the only package that includes custom videos and viral marketing campaigns.

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