Using SEO & PPC to Market Your Company

We currently live in a digitally advanced world. A lot of the interactions we experience happen online. Whether it’s the places we visit, the specialists we look for, recommendations on some of the best companies out there, and more. Whatever the case, search engines have made it such that you do not need to ask random individuals for directions to place. Not only that. If you’d like to try out a restaurant based on your preferred cuisine, a simple online search will get you the results. More often than not, you need only look at the first few search results to find what you need. But how does that all work? How is it that I can get the exact information I require without spending too much effort? Well, it all boils down to having the right marketing strategies. We Consult is marketing and design agency located in Ontario, California. We offer services for SMB marketing + lawyer/attorney marketing.

There are so many companies today all selling the same products to us. As a result, the market gets saturated. It becomes challenging to find the good from the not so good, as well as the more established from what’s new. That’s where AI integrations also play a part as they narrow down to what you need, rather than what everyone needs, based on a given search.


Yes, you do. Marketing strategies are, without a doubt, a necessity if you’d like to reach wider audiences. Marketing will allow you to tell members of your community or country about what you have to offer. Depending on what you have to offer, a good marketing strategy could even allow you to cross borders and continents. You do not physically have to leave the comfort of your home base to establish a broad customer base.

For instance, you could have a company that sells customized stationery. These are items that people from around the world could use. Meaning you could get orders from everywhere, helping to grow your company exponentially. They also do not have any demographic restrictions as anyone could need them. However, without the right marketing strategies, you find yourself only getting clients through referrals. These could be from friends or close associates. Your company would get to stay afloat with these sales, but it wouldn’t thrive as much as it could have. And that all boils down to the marketing strategies you have in place.


“Marketing will allow you to tell members of your community or country about what you have to offer”

Does your company need a marketing strategy?

Online platforms have now made it easy for companies and individuals to make their presence known. These days, you’ll find yourself getting advised to have an online website, social media handles, podcasts, or even video channels to amplify your presence. However, even with all these, you still need to follow the right path to make the most from them. There’s no point in having a website with no enticing content. Why would people visit it? The same applies to all other online platforms linked to your business or brand. Your platforms need to be able to answer the question, “Why are we turning to you and not someone else?” After all, other people out there are selling the same, if not modified versions, of what you’re selling. That means you require an approach that shifts people’s focus to your brand instead. Advertising may be one of the methods you can choose, but it can only go so far in maintaining your presence. With a marketing strategy, you will have the advertising, in addition to other high-end solutions aimed at getting and retaining your customer base. One of the tried and true marketing methods to pull clients your way, online, is through the use of SEO and PPC.

What is SEO & PPC?

If you’ve been around the internet looking for ways to create more awareness for your brand, then you’ve probably have seen the terms SEO and PPC at some point in time. These two relate to how you can make it easier for people to find you online. Simply because we have the help of search engines like Google, some people assume reaching their audience will be an easy task. After all, you only need to have your site up and running, and the search engine will find them. That statement isn’t true, but it’s also not entirely false.

By having an online presence, people can search for it by name, or by terms associated with that company or brand. However, to enable your audience to find your particular offerings in the shortest amount of time possible, a few tweaks here and there are necessary. Think of it as being in a long queue at the bus stop. You will eventually get into a bus, but how long will it take you? There will be those with bus tickets that have a timestamp, guaranteeing the time they get a ride. There will also be those who have the bus number on their trip tickets. That way, whenever their bus arrives, they get on regardless of where they are within the queue. Meanwhile, you have no information to give you priority over other people waiting in line. So, you have to wait for everyone else to get on before you are considered.

The internet works similarly to the above example. There’s a lot of information online. Finding the right details to include in your particular setup is what will help the search engine find you faster. To do this, you would need to apply either SEO or PPC strategies into your online marketing plans. The explanations below will help you understand what these two strategies entail.

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The initials SEO are short for Search Engine Optimization. It’s one of the most sought after methods when it comes to creating an online presence. Why? With SEO strategies in place, you can pull audiences based on the content within your online platforms, be they social media sites, or an online website. A factor that makes this a favorite with most companies as far as online marketing is the fact that it’s a free resource. So long as you’ve got the right information, an online search will bring up your details within the SERPs. SERPs are the Search Engine Results Pages brought to you whenever you use a search engine.

SERP : Search Engine Results Page


Online marketing through the use of SEO relies heavily on the content that exists within your online platform & presence

Quality Traffic

The words within your online platform determine when the search engine will pick on you and not someone else. For instance, if someone is looking for your company and it’s named cookies, that’s what they’ll type into their search engine’s search bar. The results will be varied and may include bakeries around the area and cookie recipes, among other outcomes. However, depending on the content on your company’s site, the search engine could bring up your company as one of the first. That would mean that everyone using the search term related to your brand would get directed to your offerings within the first results page. They would not have to go through other online sites hoping that they are yours. The same pertains to the flipside. Those looking for results on delicious cookies will get results suited to them, ensuring everyone’s happy.

Organic Results

These refer to highly ranked results within the first few SERPs that aren’t ads. These are good because it means your content gets displayed among the first options free of charge. Therefore, no money gets spent to help your audience find you online.

Increased Traffic

By having more of the audience you need finding you without any difficulties, you will get better traffic to your online platforms. And by getting more people to your site, you will also stay as a highly ranked platform, due to the content within it. That means that for the search term associated with your company, you will always be one of the first options available.


Good SEO relies on the chosen search engine’s ability to pick up relevant information fast from the numerous options available. The job of finding these resources gets left to crawlers. Once you type a search term, they scour the internet searching for the most appropriate topics related to your search term. From that point, these same crawlers decide which of the resources should rank highest based on

<Available Content>

Your site needs to provide information relating to the searcher’s needs.

<User Experience>

While creating your site, you need to remember that a variety of people will access it. So, it’s essential to make it user-friendly, easy to navigate, and fast at loading. Having a platform that takes too long to load will have you ranking lower as users will not bother as much with it.

<Site Information>

How relevant your titles, URL, and even page descriptions are will have crawlers looking to it much faster.

<Back Linking>

Backlinks are especially valuable for SEO because they represent a “vote of confidence” from one site to another.

In essence, backlinks to your website signals search engines that others vouch for your content. If many sites link to the same webpage or website, search engines can infer that content is worth linking to, and therefore also worth surfacing on a SERP. So, earning these backlinks can have a positive effect on a site’s ranking position or search visibility.



Within the content in your site, specific keywords will attract the crawlers to your platform since they’ll get viewed as relevant to the search term.

<Embedded links>

To make your site more appealing, you need to have content that can be shared even if it’s through social media sites linked to your site. Alternatively, your website will also have a chance at landing as an organic search result if there are various links relating to existing content within it, or other highly ranked platforms.


The higher your site ranks, the more likely it’ll get listed as one of the top results of its given category.


PPC stands for Pay-Per-Click. You may also hear it referred to as Cost Per Click. PPC marketing is relatively self-explanatory, based on the name. It means that whenever people click on your ad to view it, you pay a fee. Therefore, rather than choosing the organic way to bring people to your platform, you have search engine sponsored links or ads. Anyone can click these as they search for their desired results, and you will get charged for it.



The use of PPC allows you to get featured without having to work too hard on the content on your platform. However, this all comes at a cost that gets set after bidding takes place. By paying for each click, you will need to ensure that every visit pays for itself, and even goes further to earn your business a profit. If not, choosing to use the PPC route could prove to be a loss. However, there are ways of ensuring you get the most value from your ads, especially as you grow your online presence.


oh, really? How?

  • Knowing the current charges for advertisements relating to products or services such as the ones your company provides.
  • Having enticing platforms to persuade users to do more than just look at the landing page.
  • Using multiple search engines to place your ads. That way, your company gets known by larger audiences than those restricted to a particular search engine’s users.

There are many search engines today. The ones you’re more likely to interact with are Google, Bing and Yahoo.

Google Ads

One of the highest-rated search engines is Google. As such, you will not miss hearing about Google Ads in your quest to earn your site more traffic. By choosing this platform for your PPC needs, you’ll have your ads displayed on the Google search pages, as well as on their associated media, which includes YouTube and Gmail. You should note that before sponsored ads appear, bids take place to decide the hierarchy of the PPC ads. These bids take into account the keyword related to the search as well as the different advertisers’ quality score. The most relevant and highly rated online sites get listed first in the search results. Ranking higher with PPCs means that the amount you get charged per click tends to be lower than if your ad ranks lower. So, if you rank much lower, you pay more per click. Other elements that play a role include the quality of your site’s landing page as well as the ad copy that gets displayed. So long as they’re inviting, you stand to rank higher.

yahoo Ads

Yahoo Ads is still one of thee most popular search engines but their paid for ad platform was acquired by Bing in January of 2019 and under that deal, all paid ads are also ran on Yahoo paid ads, extending it’s reach through their network.

bing ads

Bing Ads falls under Microsoft’s Bing Network. Known as Google’s most significant competition, it’s grown to make a name for itself in the online arena. It functions in the same way as Google Ads, with the exception that its searches do not have as much competition as those under the Google search engine. As such, Bing’s SERPs display results that even cost less per click, making it ideal for those on a minimal budget.

Are there disadvantages to using SEO & PPC marketing strategies?



You need to know the latest keyword trends as they change without any notice, which means that it takes constant observation. Failure to do so will mean that your platform may rank highly one day, and then drop away by the following day.

Keyword knowledge is what decides how quickly you can start to generate organic results. It could take a long time, depending on your level of expertise on this strategy.

You will get charged for the ads placed, whether they generate gainful leads or not.

You’ll need a steady budget to keep up with the charges incurred for the clicks made to your ads. It could be quite costly, depending on the ads you’ve generated.

Not very many people know that they are clicking on paid ads. That means that more often than not, you will be paying for people who do not need what you’re offering. They simply clicked because it came as one of the first results.

so…which is better? seo or ppc?

Now that you know what both SEO and PPC strategies entail, which method would work best for your company? As with all company decisions, it all depends on what you need and how soon you need it. Saying you’ll take the PPC route yet you do not have a budget to accommodate it will spell trouble in the end. On the other hand, opting to get your organic ranking using SEO methods requires you to know the latest search trends. These would help you to optimize your platform’s content accordingly, as the need arises. Each option has it’s pros and cons. It’s always important to keep in mind what you’re capable of starting and maintaining. It’s not enough to use methods that work well for others. Only they know the amount of dedication they put into reaching their current successful limits. A strategy that worked for them may prove nothing but problematic should you choose to follow it.

However, there is a solution for those who are not afraid to try whatever’s necessary to guarantee the ideal results. In case you’re that person, then opt for both SEO and PPC marketing strategies to get your brand out there. You would have the benefits from both online marketing strategies, thus cutting out the majority of the cons you would experience when using a single method. By using the two methods, you’d be able to have your content ranking high through the PPC options in no time at all. From there, you could proceed to work on building up your platform’s content to result in better organic rankings. That way, even the PPC ads would start to become subsidized by the search engine. So, you’d get guaranteed growth by maintaining industry-trusted methods in the online marketing scene. It’s a win-win situation whichever way you choose to look at it.

>> how can we help you?

When you choose We Consult, you can be assured that you’re in good hands. We consider every facet of your brand to create the ideal marketing strategy to suit your needs. Not only that. We also take into account the type of audience you’re trying to reach. One solution will not resonate with every individual across the globe. However, having targeted solutions means we will help you get to those that need you the most with ease.

We’ve got a team of friendly and qualified staff to help you with your marketing needs, whatever they may be. Therefore, whether you’re new to this or you have an idea of the outcome you’re looking for, we guarantee you’ll get to your expected results with ease. That will be regardless of the budget you have on hand. Our marketing solutions cater to every company level, be they startups or well-established organizations within their different fields. Get in touch to set an appointment that will get you started on the ideal marketing strategy for you.

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