1. Call Tracking

The purpose of call tracking is to help a business measure how their marketing efforts impact sales and lead generation. It is used by businesses that mainly rely on phone calls to generate leads. These are mostly businesses outside the e-commerce space. It may take the form of basic call tracking, which enables monitoring call duration, location of calls, and the number of calls. The business will also keep track of the phone calls that last only for a few seconds.

Campaign-based tracking follows up on the current advertising and the role they are playing in lead generation. It is not uncommon for businesses to implement different ad groups at the same time. A business may use different phone numbers with each one focused on a specific product, individual ad, specific keyword or paid search ads. With that, it is possible to track phone calls coming as a result of each of the ad campaigns.

The most advanced type of call tracking is referred to as a dynamic-number generation. It is best for businesses with multiple locations across the world. As such, the business needs numerous unique phone numbers. Thus, it is possible for you to trace the keyword phrases from which a sales phone call originates. You can also track calls from your website, a business directory page, and multiple sites.

Call tracking enables quick decision making using the reports generated about your callers. You will get information such as the number of calls, call length, and so on. Once you understand your customers, you can come up with more targeted campaigns based on where they live. It measures how effective your internet operations are and improves return on investment (ROI).

2. Call answering

When it comes to answering business calls, you have only one chance to make a positive impression. Call answering services are beneficial when it comes to helping you sound professional when existing or potential clients. Not only is it cost-effective but it also efficiently enhances your business image. It also makes it possible for callers to quickly reach the person they are looking for – whether the CEO or salesperson.

Besides, call answering services will enable you to concentrate on the staff that really matters. The phone answering service ensures you do not have to spend hours picking up the phone. You will be able to concentrate on important tasks as the FAQs are handled by the answering machine. The callers will only have to wait for a small-time.

Another thing about call answering services is that they deliver messages from callers in multiple ways. For example, the service can send voicemail directly to your email inbox, get transcription for voicemail, and so on. These messages may also be sorted in terms of businesses pushing sales your way and potential leads from customers.

3. pixel tracking

Pixel tracking is an effective way of coming up with web analytics concerning your website. They make use of transparent, tiny, pixel-sized images, which are embedded in banner ads, emails and most popular, your website and it’s landing pages. The images are usually referred to as tracking pixels, page tags, tracking bugs, beacons or web bugs.

This enables businesses to track sales conversions, email open rates, digital ad impressions, website visits, and other types of web activity. Pixel tracking is effective for those who use web services that don’t provide enough data. It allows Google Analytics to track the number of visitors to your website. You may also use it to track the number of people who have seen your digital ads.

Here is how they work. A visitor visits a site, views a digital ad or opens an email. He or she unknowingly requests to download the attached tracking pixel. In short, the user doesn’t know what’s happening in the background. Using the data collected from this process, brands can improve their customer’s content experience and make better digital advertisements. The following are the benefits of using pixel tracking.

  • Great for building engagement, thanks to the improved targeting of advertisements.
  • Creating personalized web experiences for existing customers.
  • Making it possible to synchronize cookies over different domains.

A tracking services provider can help you to incorporate tracking pixels in digital ads for your business during the process of producing these ads. In the process, you will get useful insights to help you improve on problem areas. You will improve conversions and transform your marketing campaigns to be better targeted.

4. targeted ads

It is not enough to put ads out there. In order to increase the click rates, your ads need to target specific audiences. Thus, targeted ads are meant for potential customers and not just anyone. That’s because the ads are more relevant to the audiences to whom they are directed. It helps you to generate relevant leads, which are likely to convert.

Targeted ads help to increase the click-through-rates for your website. This is by presenting only the content that is relevant to your audience. The result is improved ROI for the advertiser or marketer. Importantly, targeted ads are key to building your brand.

As the owner of the business, you will benefit from the effective use of resources. That is because it will remove the guesswork from advertising campaigns, thus channeling resources to where they are needed. The efficient use of resources is the main reason for improved ROI.


As you can see, different tracking methods come with all sorts of benefits. However, implementing all of these on your own might prove to be an uphill task. That’s why you need to hire a marketing agency to help you with all of your tracking efforts. We Consult will manage the tracking methods for you or teach you how to do it yourself more efficiently. It all depends on your budget, knowledge level, and your ability to produce content to improve your business.

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We’ve got a team of friendly and qualified staff to help you with your marketing needs, whatever they may be. Therefore, whether you’re new to this or you have an idea of the outcome you’re looking for, we guarantee you’ll get to your expected results with ease. That will be regardless of the budget you have on hand. Our marketing solutions cater to every company level, be they startups or well-established organizations within their different fields. Get in touch to set an appointment that will get you started on the ideal marketing strategy for you.

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